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Here we host all kinds of different MODS, Hacks, Cheats and Aps.

Sure, gaming is a lot of fun! But often it get’s tedious and repetitive when it comes to collecting resources. Most games require you to have certain resources to progress through the game or to be stronger than your enemies.

Resources like gems, coins, gold, silver etc are either really expensive or just takes a lot of time to farm.

We at CallOfGames.Com are a group of coders that like to game a lot also. As we don’t have unlimited money either to buy loot we have dedicated most of our time finding glitches and bugs to exploit.

Now naturally not all games have vulnerabilities or maybe they do but these are just harder to find but we found several glitches and bugs in a list of popular games. For those games we coded our own software to make use of those bugs/glitches.

Besides the hacks and MODS we also sharing some ROMS and Apps for fun.

What We Offer

Below is a list of the things we have to offer.

We will be adding more in the future but some things take time so check us out regularly.

Team Call Of Game