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Mario Kart 64 ROM

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Like many other games Nintendo’s Mario Kart needs no introduction. Released for the first time on the SNES in 1996 they released in on the N64.

The Mario Kart 64 ROM has unlike the SNES version true 3D graphics. Therefor making the already popular game even more better.

Even after 2 decades this game is still in demand and thanks to emulators can be played on multiple platforms. There are several emulators for mobile devices and the PC. For example the Classic Boy for android.

Our download include the full ROM and emulators.


ROMS from older platforms don’t really ask that much power so you should be fine if you have an older PC or mobile device.


Installing and playing ROMS is as easy as pie. Once you installed an emulator you just select the ROM to load and that is basically it. A monkey can do the job.

ROM Info

ROM Name
Mario Kart 64 ROM

Game Boy Advance


App Size

4581 Times


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Mario Kart 64 ROM download

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